Rangat is located near one of the most scenic stretches of the Andaman Trunk Road as it curves to hug the eastern coastline.  Along this roadway, visitors can stop to enjoy several unique beaches and mangrove forests. This part of Middle Andaman Island is prime nesting territory for many different sea turtles.


Tour the 4-story watch tower and visitors center at Yerrata Mangrove Park 8 km from Rangat.  Visitors can walk over the mangrove waterways and observe the nearby forests from a series of different trails. Aamkunj is close to Rangat with a wide sandy beach and eco-huts for shelter.  A few kilometers north, rocky Morice Dera beach offers a wooden overlook on volcanic formations with picnic spots, freshwater stream and spectacular ocean views.


About 20 km from Rangat, experience the Dhanih Nallah, a short walk on an elevated walkway through the mangrove forest to a wide beach strand. Visit the Panchavati waterfall in the nearby hills and view the ocean beyond the forest.


Rangat is a good stopping point for vehicle trips north to Mayabunder and Diglipur as well as connecting to Long Island at Yerrata.  Lodging is available in homestays, hotels, guesthouses and Hawksbill Nest, a government resort.


The drive to Rangat from Port Blair is about 8 hours by bus, private vehicle rental, or hired cab.  Rangat is a daily stop for ferry service out of Havelock, Neil and Long Island 4-5 days a week. Helicopter service can be booked out of Port Blair (~1350 INR nationals or ~3350 INR for foreigners).


Visitors should have plenty of water and snacks for day trips in the area.  Beaches do not have food stalls or coconut water vendors, but in Rangat there are many markets and stores, as well as restaurants, hotels and even a bar.

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