Mayabunder is a Middle Andaman Island town and sea port settled 100 years ago by the Karen, a Burmese hill tribe. A melting pot of Asian cultures, Mayabunder is located on a scenic peninsula of farmland, rice paddies and forests, bordered by the gleaming ocean.

There are excellent scuba and snorkeling locations nearby on Aves Island, accessible off the eastern coastline with a local guide. Visitors can picnic at Karmatang beach, enjoying the eco-huts, observation tower and wide beach strand. Turtle nesting season brings many tourists to Karmatang, plus quiet and secluded Baludera and Rampur beaches.

Day trips can be arranged with local boats to visit Interview Island, where visitors hike to natural springs to see wild elephants near an old logging camp. Close to town, the German Jetty covered observation deck offers an expansive view at the foot of a large rocky hillside overlooking the ocean.


Allow a full day’s travel to reach Mayabunder either by land or by sea – there is faster helicopter service from Port Blair (~1700 INR for nationals/4300 INR foreigners). Mayabunder is also accessed by vehicles and buses on the Andaman Trunk Road from Baratang or Diglipur. Book passage at STARS Phoenix Bay Jetty on a government ferry arriving from Port Blair twice a week. Mayabunder is the only location with a deep port (besides Port Blair) where ocean vessels from the mainland can dock.

Visitors will find comfortable accommodations and meals at government guesthouses, small hotels, or homestays with local hosts. Most hotels and homestays will provide breakfast and other meals upon request. The cuisine is based on the foods and spices that the settlers brought with them from Burma, Bangladesh and Pakistan, but visitors will find Indian foods are also available.

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