Indira Point


Indira Point lighthouse on Great Nicobar Island marks the southernmost point of India.  Over 40 km. from Campbell Bay, the lighthouse and surrounding area experienced catastrophic damage from the 2004 earthquake and tsunami.  The shoreline sank 4.25 meters (15 feet) and re-located the lighthouse out into the ocean. The roadway and bridge across the Galathea River were destroyed in the tsunami. Most residents of the nearby village were unable to escape to higher ground and were lost.


The lighthouse is an important navigational beacon for the busy shipping lanes in the Malacca Strait.  Made from solid cast iron and commissioned in 1972, it is painted in red and white stripes that are visible for miles out to sea.  There is also a memorial statue of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and it is a prime nesting area for endangered leatherback sea turtles.


The lighthouse can be reached by hiring a private vehicle and driver in Campbell Bay to safely guide your visit.  An arduous trip, it involves driving to the area where the roadway ends and crossing the river by boat. Once on the western shore, there is another strenuous trek along the beach for a few kilometers to reach the lighthouse. The Indian government is working on a roadway and bridge to again connect Campbell Bay to Indira Point for vehicles.


Depending on the ocean conditions, private boats can access the beach near the lighthouse for day trips, camping and surfing.  Locals can be hired in the small settlements as guides for trekking to Indira Point, and some visitors spend the night there before returning to Campbell Bay in the morning.


The MV Coral Queen government ship travels the open sea 40 hours to Great Nicobar once a week (~2500 INR). Pawas Hans also offers helicopter service from Port Blair (~13400 INR non-residents). Inter-island boat service for Indian nationals is available from Car Nicobar and Nancowry and takes 24-36 hours.

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