Elephants Beach


There are no elephants swimming on Elephant Beach, but plenty of water activities for people to enjoy. This Havelock beach offers snorkeling, banana boats, parasailing, jet skis, speedboat and seawalks from early morning until mid-afternoon seven days a week.

When arriving at Elephant Beach by boat, visitors must disembark from the boat in hip-deep water and walk to shore. Some of the private boats will offer a complimentary snorkeling experience included in the ticket price. Pricing is set by individual vendors for water sports, and can range from 400 INR for snorkelling to 3500 INR for seawalks. Scuba diving is not offered at Elephant Beach, but thrill-seekers can enjoy exhilarating tow-behind tube rides.


The beach is open during daylight hours only, seven days a week (6 am to 3 pm). Elephant Beach is rustic, remote and popular – even with no roads, parking areas or restaurants, it is always busy. Visitors book a 30-minute boat ride from the Havelock jetty (government boat 500 INR or private boat 950 INR). Adventurous trekkers hike a 2 km. jungle trail off the Radhanagar Beach road. Guides are stationed at the road entrance (guides charge ~ 500 INR). Trail is not accessible during monsoon season or after heavy rains.

Visitors should bring plenty of snacks and water, as there are very few coconut water vendors or food shacks. Shade is available along the beach, and seating is on fallen tree trunks. Bathrooms and changing areas have a fee for use, and each water activity has separate pricing. Depending on arrival time, boat captains allow 3-5 hours at the beach and depart between 1 pm to 3:30 pm. Hiking back through the jungle takes around an hour and should be completed before 4 pm.

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