Diglipur is near the end of the ATR (Andaman Trunk Road) on North Andaman Island. Diglipur serves as the main port for boat service to and from Port Blair or accessing Ross and Smith Island across Aerial Bay. The small town offers just a few lodging accommodations and restaurants. 


This is a remote area of the Andaman Islands with unique geological features – limestone caves, mud volcanoes and the only river in the archipelago.  The Diglipur region offers experiences of pristine beaches and the natural beauty of mountains. Visitors can explore an orchid farm, turtle-nesting stations, snorkel in the clear waters offshore, and trek to the summit of Saddle Peak.


Daily convoys of cars, vans and buses from Port Blair drive north through tribal reserves to reach Diglipur.  With stops and ferry crossings, expect this ride through the forests along the ATR to take 10 to 14 hours. Government and private buses for tourists and locals also run daily to Diglipur from Baratang and Rangat.


Diglipur is accessible via the government ferry from Port Blair (~ 850 INR adults, 105 INR child).  This ocean voyage takes about 11 hours one way, and is available several times a week. Pawan Hans helicopter service operates between Port Blair and Diglipur several times a week, weather permitting, (~5250 INR one way, plus luggage fee)


Bring plenty of snacks and water for trekking Saddle Peak or spend the day on the beaches of Kalipur and Lamiya Bay.  Hire a guide to explore the Alfred Caves, nearby mud volcanoes, or remote Elizabeth Bay. Get permits and passes at Aerial Bay jetty to visit Ross and Smith Island – for 3 hours you can swim, snorkel and enjoy the wildlife sanctuary across the connecting sand bar.

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