Chidya Tapu


Chidiya Tapu is one of the best beach locations to view a colorful tropical sunset near Port Blair.  About 45 minutes south of the city, there are several attractions to enjoy. Visitors can trek from the beach up the Munda Pahar trail to a lighthouse and rocky black cliffs overlooking the sea.  Bring along a picnic lunch and enjoy the secluded Chidiya Tapu beach to watch the sun set below the horizon.


Nearby is the Biological Park, home to wild pigs, monitor lizards, and saltwater crocodiles. Created to conserve Andaman’s endangered wildlife, the park sits within a rainforest with native island birds flying freely overhead.  This area of the island was damaged by the 2004 Indonesian tsunami which severely impacted the beaches and forests. The evidence of the ocean’s power is still visible in downed trees along the waterline.


The beach area is free to visit and open daily from 6 am to sunset (7 pm).  The strenuous trail to Munda Pahar (the southernmost tip of the island) begins on the beach and the trail and overlook are open until 5 pm. The natural surface hiking trail goes 1.5 km. uphill through dense forest, and along maintained paths that lead to a lighthouse and scenic overlook of open ocean. 


There are seating areas and changing rooms and a protective enclosure for swimming, but no food stalls or restaurants.  ‘Beware of crocodile’ signs are posted throughout the area and wandering off the trails is prohibited.


The Biological Park is open from 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Sunday (closed Monday) and admission is 30 INR per person.  There are walking paths to view the animal enclosures, gardens and interior exhibits with a small gift shop.

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